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      Han Jun Led Delegation to Visit Korean Shipowners
      發布時間: 2019-03-18 分享到:

      From March 11th to 15th, Assistant General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Group, Chairman of Board, President of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, Han Jun led a PENAVICO delegation to Korea for the purpose of annual high-level marketing, and visited important customers such as KMTC, Dong Yang Shipping, HEUNG-A Shipping and etc..

      These visits have been highly valued and warmly welcomed by Korean customers, during which Han Jun had in-depth communication with Korean customers from perspectives of national policy guidance, industry trends, strategic positioning, and the future development prospects. While looking back to the cooperation history, they exchanged ideas and views over future prospects for cooperation in such areas as whole-ranged logistics and extensional services, which has received good results.

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